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Epoxy coating can set your floors apart from standard flooring. The great thing about epoxy floor coating is its durable and easy to care for. Although epoxy floors are easy to care for special care needs to be taken to ensure the coated floors last for many years to come.

Things to avoid when cleaning your coated floors:

Steel wool
Firm Bristle Brushes
Harsh Household Cleaners and chemicals
Pressure Washing Coated Floors greater than 2000 PSI or with a Jet Tip
Abrasive or coarse chemicals and cleaners
Citrus cleaners or vinegar
Soap Based Cleaners

How to Clean Coated Floors

Keep the coated area free of dirt and debris
If you allow dirt and debris to remain on your coated floors, it can embed in the coating and damage the floor over time. Take special care of dirt and debris if you are moving heavy objects, machinery, or vehicles across the coated area.

Use a soft dust mop or shop vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dirt and debris from your coated floors as often as necessary dependent on the traffic and dirt your floors accumulate.

If your floors have non-slip particles added to it (silica sand) a soft bristle push broom will work better for removing dirt and debris, rather than a soft dust mop.

Spot Cleaning Coated Floors
Epoxy coated floors are extremely water resistant and make it very easy to clean spills from your floors

To maintain the cleanliness of your floors simply remove the dirt and debris from your floors and clean affected area with a soft mop and warm water. For small areas a soft scrub pad can be used.

Cleaning Oil and Chemicals from coated floors
With our Polyaspartic or Urethane topcoat your floors are chemical resistant, while not chemical proof, Oils and Chemicals should be removed from the floors as soon as noticed with a paper or shop towel. A gentle or natural cleaner can be used if the liquid spill is sticky or leaves a film on your coated floor. A neutralizing agent may be used to neutralize the chemicals before removing them with water and a soft cloth.

Cleaning stains from coated floors
For small stains, warm water and a soft bristle scrub brush can be used. Take special care not to scrub the affected area with a wire or firm bristle brush as it can remove the gloss from the coated surface.

Deep Cleaning and removing tough stains from your coated floors

Epoxy coated floors should be cleaned as often as needed to keep your coated floors free from damage and to increase the lifespan of your coated floor. If you have stains or marks that won’t come off with a soft mop you will need to use a natural cleaner to aid in removing these stains.

Half a cup or ammonia mixed with a gallon of hot water is the best cleaner for your epoxy coated floors.

Simple Green is another cleaner that works great for maintaining the cleanliness of your epoxy coated floors. Simple Green can be used with the same ratio as the ammonia solution (1/2 cup to 1 gallon of water).

Another great cleaner that will clean your coated floors without leaving a film is Windex. Mix 1:3 ratio of hot water and Windex to help cut through residue that may have accumulated on your floors.

If you have stubborn stains on your coated floor, you can remove them with a stiff nylon brush and your mixed natural cleaner.

Rust Stains- if you have rust stains on your coated floor that cannot be removed by your natural cleaner and nylon brush, you may have to use a lactic acid based cleaner solution (such as CLR). Add equal parts of the cleaner and water directly to the affected area and scrub with a scrub brush. Note: the cleaner should not sit on the floor more than 2 minutes and should be removed with cold water.

Tire Marks- IF a tire mark appears, try to remove tire marks as soon as noticed as the longer they remain on your floor the harder they will be to remove. Saturate the affected area with a concrete degreasing agent and let stand for 10-15 minutes then scrub with a stiff bristle nylon brush. If the stain remains re-application may be needed. After stains are removed rinse with water and dry with a towel.

Maintaining your epoxy coated floors

Epoxy coated floors should be treated as other flooring in your home

Placement of mats and rugs at the entrance(s) of your floors will aid in collecting sand, debris, and moisture from your feet/shoes and keep you from having to clean your floors frequently.

If you have a vehicle that will be parked for an extended (longer than a few months) period of time place a soft mat/carpet or cardboard under your vehicle to help protect your floors.

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